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Merry Christmas Bitches!

This was the most suprised I've been on Christmas in ...well shit I can't even remember when. haha

I got a Wii!!

All thanks to my Dad who stood inline at a Best Buy from 3am until they opened T^T He told me that he didn't get one, but I thought it was so sweet that he even did that for me, because it's so uncharacteristicly sweet of him.

And then I saw it under the tree this morning and I was like OMGWTFBBQ!? XDDDDD

I also got a My Neighbor Totoro blanket and some iTunes giftcards (which I used to by the best Prince and some musical theatre albums! my dork quota is complete).

To anyone that has a Wii, what are some good games for it? I got My Sims and the Bleach fighting game..and I'm going to borrow Zelda from a friend haha
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