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I win at life!

I think it's a curse. Every year since tenth grade, I have tripped in public.

10th Grade - Slipped on the newly waxed cafeteria floor.

11th Grade - While running in flip flops slipped on the concrete by the school library and busted my ass.

12th Grade - During opening night of Beauty and the Beast after my scene where I run off stage really fast, my feet slip out from under me just as I get backstage and I crash into the prop well.

Freshmen Semester of College - Fell down the library steps.

And then tonight...

While running in the Wal*Mart parking lot with Megan, the back of my boot breaks, causing me to pitch forward and land face down on the asphalt, scraping my knee, both elbows, chin and several fingers. 8 band-aids in all. Ow. ;o;
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