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T^T Man, I miss Tokyo already. Melon bread! Melon cream soda! HEATED TOILET SEATS HOW I LOVE AND MISS YOU! And and and Ikebukuro...I loved that district, it was so charming and homey.

I've been super!jetlagged after getting back, too. Dark circles under my eyes and have my days/nights mixed up? Hells yeah!

Now I've got a major project due for costume design on Friday that I haven't even started...YAY for last minute all nighters and Starbucks! XD

And on a totally unrelated note, I am in love with the Songs for Tales of the Abyss soundtrack by Motoo Fujiwara. So. Pretty. And 300. Jiggly manly man abs and thighs in all the right places! Fufufu!

Because I was clearly a Charlie's Angel in my past life.
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